Our Objectives

To enhance the trade and investment relations between Indonesia and the Philippines from the private sector side and provide relevant government relations briefing that would help both sides.


To provide a forum for its members to meet regularly and exchange information on issues affecting trade and investments between the Philippines and Indonesia.  PBCI also looks forward to sharing with its members the current and emerging opportunities in various sectors of the Philippines and Indonesian economy.

To provide relevant legal information, ministerial decrees governing industries, sectors, as well manpower laws for expatriates.

Yasona 2

To enhance business links, cooperation and collaboration among its members.

To assist in sourcing or matchmaking, facilitation of trade inquiries and opportunities for networking.

Business and social development

To contribute to the business and social development both in the Philippines and Indonesia, and in ASEAN in the spirit of the ASEAN Economic Community.

To organize social activities to enhance the esprit de corps within the Club (i.e. golf tournaments, adventure tours, cultural orientation programs)

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