Maria Lumen Isleta

assistant secretary for american affairs

Assistant Secretary for American Affairs Maria Lumen Isleta of the Department of Foreign Affairs was the former Philippine Ambassador to Indonesia. She was the catalyst in encouraging the Filipino Expatriate Community to form the Philippine Business Club Indonesia (PBCI). She has been instrumental in providing support and guidance during the initial establishment of PBCI. She is also the Honorary Adviser to the Philippine Business Club Indonesia – Philippine Chapter.

Leehiong Wee

Philippine Ambassador to Indonesia

Ambassador Leehiong Wee, an entrepreneur himself and chair of the W Group, has been very active in supporting the activities of the Philippine Business Club Indonesia (PBCI).  He has been keen on enhancing the economic & bilateral relations of both countries through various engagement with the private sector. He has been an important ally in staging the 1st Philippine Economic & Investment Summit held in Jakarta, Indonesia to help celebrate the 70th Anniversary of diplomatic relations of both countries. He has consistently attended the high-level meetings of PBCI with different Indonesian Cabinet Ministers and Philippine Cabinet Secretaries.

Cesar Dela Cruz


Mr Cesar Dela Cruz has been one of the long-term expatriates in Indonesia working for different conglomerates, particularly, Indofood, which is one of the largest food companies in the world and, currently, with premier property developer PT AGUNG PODOMORO. He has been crucial in guiding PBCI with keen insights on the unique and sometimes intricate business environment in Indonesia that has been helpful in providing investment briefings to investors.

Cris Frianeza


Mr Cris Frianeza was the Secretary General of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI) and currently serves as an Advisor to PCCI President HE Ambassador Benedicto Yujuico. During the establishment of PBCI in 2016, Mr Frianeza welcomed the partnership agreement between PCCI and PBCI. He has been supportive in PBCI’s efforts to promote the Philippines as an investment destination as he provides vast insights on the corporate structure and culture of various industries in the Philippines.

Rodolfo Balmater

board advisor

Mr Balmater sits in various boards as an independent board director for companies such as Sinar Mas, ERA, and PT Delta Tbk, the Indonesian subsidiary of San Miguel Philippines. Prior to this, he served as the most senior executive management team in Ernst & Young. Currently, Mr Balmater leads PT BCC Consulting that specializes in family constitution and governance and corporate compliance. 

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