Founding Board Members

Managing the operations of PBCI under specific sectors and committees are Filipino Expatriates who are experts in their own respective fields. They have contributed their time, experience and expertise, and professionalism in providing assistance to both Indonesian and Philippine companies for trade and investment.

Carmelito Regalado


Mr Mel Regalado has spent over 20 years as Deputy CEO and COO of PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk., which was the largest multi format modern food retail company in Indonesia under the Lippo Group. The company has about USD$ 1 billion in sales and a market valuation of USD$ 1.2 billion. Prior to this, he has spent over 12 years in Rajawali Group as COO of Rajawali hotel owned company overseeing Sheraton Hotels. He has likewise helped establish its telecommunications business. Upon his return to the Philippines, Mr Regalado was invited to become the CEO of Sari Roti Philippines until he established TMM ASIA CONSULTING, which is focused on assisting Indonesian conglomerates and state-owned companies to participate in the robust Philippine market. Mr Regalado is considered as one of the leading retail experts in indonesia and the Philippines. Concurrently, Mr Mel Regalado also leads as president PBCI Philippine Chapter, which provides continued economic briefing updates to companies with interest on the Indonesian market. PBCI-PH counts as members former Indonesia-based Filipino expatriates.

Antonio B. Capati

Board Director

Mr Tony Antonio has spent over 30 years of financial and general management track record in Indonesia, Philippines, and Canada,. He has played a major role in setting up and managing new start-up companies, expansions, mergers & acquisitions, and IPO related structures. He has managed a portfolio of over USD$ 1.5 billion dollars in direct investments and loans for both international and local companies.

Until recently, Mr Capati was the president director of PT MANILA WATER INDONESIA, which is a subsidiary of Philippine-based conglomerate Manila Water of the Ayala Group. Prior to this, he was the senior partner in Main Pacific Investment. 


Rika Mahendra

Board Director

Ms Rika Mahendra is in property investments focused on commercial properties. Her personal advocacy is continuing to spread her Jakarta Charity Auction that invests and builds schools for the underprivileged youth across Southeast Asia. Her foundation has donated and built schools, mosques, and churches in Indonesia, Philippines, and Cambodia. Aside from this, she spearheads Jakarta Charity Auction’s food donation drive to help those in need. Ms Mahendra is married to Yusril Mahendra, lawyer to President Joko Widodo, former Minister of Law & Human Rights, former State Secretary, Chairman of the Crescent Star Party, and founder of Ihza & Ihza Law Firm. He is considered as the nation’s top Constitutional expert.

Betty Abalos

Board Director

Ms Abalos’ accounting and managerial experiences in the Philippines and Taiwan brought her to Indonesia in the early 1980s. She was instrumental in the settlement of a high profile marine insurance dispute of a pirated cargo of an Indonesian pesticide equipment firm.  Her accomplishment was eyed by a local paper mill conglomerate where she continues to serve as the Finance Director. She has been based in Jakarta, Indonesia for over 25 years.

Norwin Mark Castro

Board Director

N Mark Castro is an organizational management consultant, government relations advisor, and political strategist. He has been appointed to assist the government of Indonesia as Special Rapporteur to the Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries 1st Ocean Investment Summit, the International Marine Organization (IMO) Summit on Piracy held in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has likewise provided assistance to the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology during the 10th Asian-African Conference. He has been a recipient of the Plaque of Appreciation from the Office of the President under Secretary of Cabinet Luhut Pandjaitan. 

Mr Castro was a Senior Management Advisor under PT AndrewTani & Co, a management expert advisory firm that was chosen as among the Top 10 Management Advisory firms in Asia Pacific (APAC). Prior to this, he has served as a political strategic advisor in AsiaLeads, which was one of the socio-political analyst and strategists in the country.

Currently, Mr Castro is the president director of a PMA (foreign-investment company) PT JUMP Digital Indonesia.

Mr Castro has assisted in the entry of billion-dollar and publicly-listed companies to the Philippines, such as Sido Muncul’s Tolak Angin, Cap Lang’s VFresh, PASSPOD Indonesia, and represents the entry of billion dollar state-owned and publicly listed construction/investment enterprise PT PP.

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