Chairman's Message

Greetings to everyone!

In behalf of the Philippine Businesss Club Indonesia (PBCI), we would like to welcome you to our organization. In the 4 years that we have bridged the business community to expand our trade and investment relations between both countries, PBCI has achieved some important accomplishments that addresses the needs of our fast-growing and vibrant business community. We are proud to have been recognized by – and have working agreements — with Kamar Dagang dan Industri Indonesia (KADIN) / Indonesia Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the Makati Business Club. We have built a strong working relationship with the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) / Philippine Trade & Investment Center (PTIC). Within the same period, we’ve had successful collaborations with our fellow chambers at the American Chamber of Commerce Indonesia and the British Chamber of Commerce Indonesia.

More importantly, we are proud to have started the first-ever 1 st Philippine Indonesia Economic & Investment Summit and we look forward to sustaining this bilateral event as part of our legacy to our fellow Filipinos in Indonesia.

PBCI continues to respond to both governments whenever such assistance is needed: from the rehabilitation program of Mindanao that resulted in our fundraising of over PHP 1 Million and the food assistance program to our Indonesian frontliners in our fight against Covid 19.

PBCI will always lead or participate in convening and collaborating with our community to build our regional business eco-system. There are so many social, professional, and sports associations doing amazing things in our community, and PBCI continues to be a partner with and to support those people already working to make our community stronger.

We intend to work with those private entities, as well as with local government and our academic partners, to ensure that the entirety of our diverse base of industry has maximum opportunity to succeed in our region.

We have a tremendously talented, experienced and engaged Board of Directors who share the vision and desire that have been set forth. We especially welcome those of you who may not have found an organization in the past to take a moment to re-introduce yourself to what PBCI may do for you. We will educate, communicate, and advocate on behalf of the interests of business, small and large, whether member or not – but we are confident you will want to become a member when you see the direction we are headed. We fully recognize that our effectiveness is not based on us telling you what you need, but rather on you telling us, so please engage with us.

As Chairman of PBCI, I say that our door is always open to hear from you about what is important to your business and how we can help you achieve success. We want you as a partner in support of our mission and want to be your partner in support of your business interests. Here at PBCI, we invite all business owners to take part so we can achieve success together as a community, and we look forward to furthering our common goals.


Antonio Capati
Chairman Philippine Business Club Indonesia

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