Investment in Indonesia And Ease Of Doing Business


The Philippines improved in three areas: starting a business, dealing with The World Bank’s Doing Business 2016 reports indicate that Indonesia currently ranks 109 out of 189 Economies, an 11 point jump from 2015 ranking of 120. This is all due to a number of positive reforms and updates in the country’s regulatory system for business start-up. Indonesia ranked 73rd on the World Bank’s Doing Business index released in October of last year.  

The government is hoping to attract more investment into the country

with the approval of the sweeping Omnibus Law or sometimes referred to as the Job Creation Law. It is expected to overhaul the country’s laws and cut red tape.

The government also plans to streamline the issuance of all business licenses, channeling them through the BKPM alone. Licensing authority is currently scattered among many government institutions and regional administrations.

Recently, the Indonesian government likewise created the Sovereign Wealth Fund to further attract global investors to development opportunities in the countryl

With a large and young population, Indonesia provides an energetic workforce that include a rapidly rising middle class with a burgeoning disposable income; Indonesia is rich in natural resources, coal, minerals such as tin, gold, copper, nickel and bauxite, oil & gas, and fertile land to support agricultural products; 

The archipelago’s tropical weather and huge landbank makes it ideal for producing palm oil, rubber, coffee, cocoa and rice, the staple of most of the population and neighboring countries. Indonesia has a stable politics and over a decade of secure macroeconomic management since the Asian financial crisis.

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